Weathered Bronze

Paints and Technicals required.

  • Administratum Grey 
  • Ulthuan Grey
  • Incubi Darkness
  • Warlock Bronze
  • Sycorax Bronze
  • Stormhost Silver
  • Lahmian Medium
  • Nihilakh Oxide

A fairly basic tutorial for this one as I have no WIP pics to show the stages.

I started off with a grey primer, specifically Hycote Grey Primer. I make sure the whole thing got a thorough coat making sure not to miss any recesses.

On the stone areas I drybrushed them with Administratum Grey all over, then a light drybrush with Ulthuan Grey focussed on the upper areas that would catch more light.

For the bronze I basecoated with Warplock Bronze. Then I applied Nuln Oil all over the metal and stone areas.

Once dried I applied a 1:1 mix of Lahmian Medium and Incubi Darkness all over the metal areas allowing it to pool in the recesses.

Then I took a 1:1 mix of Incubi Darkness and Nihilahk Oxide and mixed it with 2 parts Lahmian Medium and applied all over the metal.

Then I applied a 3:1 mix of Lahmian Medium and Nihilahk Oxide.

Once dried I went back to the metals, again focussing the drybrushing from the top down. I did these in the following order.

Warlock Bronze

Sycorax Bronze

Stormhost Silver

If you want a darker bronze, use less Sycorax and Stormhost.

And thats it. Please feel free to leave comments and questions

~ Mark

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