Warboss Morgrim Gore-Hakka


Morgrim Gore-Hakka, Urzod’s most trusted lieutenant and favourite blunt instrument. If Urzod prides himself on his cunning, Morgrim revels in his sheer brutality. He has often the first to claim blood, swinging his axe in great arcs cleaving through ranks of Cathairan Axemen, or shearing the Baragklad of the Deirans to pieces. A living battering ram and the tip of the spear, where he goes a wave of frothing brutes and ‘ardboyz are sure to follow. 


During the Rand-Hrak War, Morgrim and his boyz were the first to breach the Hrak hordes lines; driving deep into their force and clear through to their rear, splitting their force down the middle. Morgrim and his boyz promptly turned around and began attacking one half while Urzod and his mounted contingent circled around behind the other half and thundered into them. By the time Urzod and Morgrim met in the middle of the field, the Hrak had either been put to the sword or scattered. The Confederate army spent much of the battle sat on a nearby ridge allowing their outriders and lancer to hunt retreating tribesmen and isolated units. 

Upon meeting with Urzod and Morgrim on the blood slicked plain, the Confederate general became infuriated that instead of capturing the Hrak leader as requested, Morgrim had strewn his remains across the field after engaging him and his demonic mount. The general made the foolish decision to declare that they would only pay half the agreed fee for the Waaaghs assistance, feeling that as they only completed half the terms they would only get half of what’s owed. Morgrim naturally felt that the tiny man was being ungrateful and that his spittle laden yelling made him look as red as a rabid squig. So Morgrim did exactly what he would do to a rabid squig, he picked the general up and booted him as hard as possible sending him screeching through the air and into his entourage nearby. 


Urzod found found it hilarious, while the general, now a bloody mess in his crumpled armour bled out all over his seriously injured entourage. Those that avoided injury began fleeing back to the army, letting off shots and signalling to the rest of their force to attack the orruks. The deal was clearly off, so Urzod ordered Morgim to carry on. First the survivors fell, then the Confederate army. After that Urzods Mercenary Waaagh left the area the Hrak had raided and headed towards the heart of the Confederacy’s lands. After a few short, but thoroughly enjoyable battles, the Confederacy agreed to pay five times the original fee. 

After this, they headed north, past Kul Sedir into the Sundered Veil. They spent a number of years brutalising the local tribes and empires. Morgrim himself breached the wall of Kor Urlek, the seat of Warlord Verrim the Grotesque’s power. He proudly cut his way through Verrims Corpulent Guard all the way to his feasting hall and took Verrims head off with his own blade, chucking his bloated corpse from the highest tower into the ranks of his still battling troops below. After this Urzod led the Waaagh back south seeking a new challenge and employ, Morgrim happy to be on the march and heading for more rukks with the humies, stunties and pointy ears. He doesn’t much care if they are with him or against him, only that it’s a bloody affair that he can get stuck in to. 

~ Excerpt from Wilhelm Kruper’s “A Study in Green”, compiled (with permission) into “The Lore of Yss: The Encyclopedic Study of Yssian Culture and Lore” by Jhez Al’Waide, Explorer and Scholar at the University of Fyrdhathen, Professor of Psariology, Amphiviology, and Yssian History.  

~ Written by Mark Talmer

2 thoughts on “Warboss Morgrim Gore-Hakka

    1. Hi, sorry for the late response. I used an Ogryn body and arms as the base for Morgrim, along with parts from the Megaboss and the Brutes kit. The front plate is the one from the Ogryn kit, cut and filled to look more like Ironjaw armour, and his pauldrons are the Brute champion ones, as is his belt buckle and his back plate. His knee pads are some old chaos forsaken kit parts filed down. Much of the rest I sculpted 🙂


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