The Crimson Guard

Cross hill and dale they rove, those men of crimson and black,
Seeking out their quarry, so judgement can be had,
In the darkness they find you, no matter where you hide,
The sentence is upon you, now’s your time to die…

~ Verse one from an Esellian folk song, often used to scare children and adults alike.

Czarny Jacek, aka Karmínová Sekera, aka Czerwona Pięść, Captain of the Crimson Guard.

His names are many in the Deiran tongue *, Czarny Jacek, Karmínová Sekera, Czerwona Pięść **, but we’ll simply use Jacek for the purpose of this entry.

Jacek has long held the reigns of the Crimson Guard. The tales associated with Jacek are littered with folk foolishly trying to stop him and the Crimson Guard from their course, from bands of Esellian knights to brash watchmen and adventurers, all felled by his poleaxe and the blades of the Guard. There are many accounts of villages and townships beset by marauding forces suddenly being freed from their terror, the Crimson Guard appearing in the night and hacking apart the assailants and leaving grisly displays as warnings to others that might try and prey on the common folk.

The Crimson Guard

As with many of the revenant that stalk Yss, Jacek and the Crimson Guard have a complicated mythology, attacking warriors, vagabonds, and ne’er-do-wells that cross their paths, yet actively protecting the common folk, albeit in an unnerving and grisly fashion. Their links to other revenant figures within this tome only adds to the mythology surrounding them…….

~Excerpt from “The Lore of Yss” by Jhez Al’Waide.

*Or Nord Eselian if you subscribe to the court approved Eselian Historical Treaty, a rather dull tome filled with mendacious accounts of Eselian history and “ancient” claims to territories via blood rights and writs of forfeiture. ~ Jhez.

**Loosely translated into the common tongue as Black Jack, The Crimson Axe, and The Red Fist, respectively. ~Jhez.