An Invitation…….

So the Lore of Yss project is just over two years old formally (Previously it was just “The Grunvale” till we expanded it), but far older in concept. My friend Phil and I started it properly so we could take advantage of the clean slate that the Age of Sigmar offered, allowing us to explore old concepts and build something that we could blend into the larger universe. The freedom to theme armies and realms was delightfully refreshing and we quickly came up with reams of background, armies and kingdoms in our heads. So much so that we are still trying to get it all on to paper so we can share it. Much of what we started was centered around a single region and its kingdoms, The Grunvale and the metropolitan city of Fyrdhathen (Fairhaven as it was). Once we established the core kingdoms, numerous others started forming and growing, their politics, their themes, and how they all interplay with each other. Naturally this has made writing down everything even more complicated.

Despite all of the kingdoms we’ve created, we have yet to actually make anything from those kingdom for the tabletop (bar a few rpg characters), instead focussing on Urzod’s mercenary greenskins, Budahks herd, and some of the Revenant forces that roam Yss. We may get round to making skirmish groups and RPG character for these other regions, but we may not. However, we want to share everything that we possibly can. So we plan on writing up some descriptors and army suggestions for the kingdoms we have so far in the hope that we, but more importantly so others, can potentially use them as guidelines and build one of the many and varied forces that inhabit Yss. I hope that some of you will at least take some inspiration from the forthcoming scrawlings and ruminations, and doubly hope that some of you may wish to join us in building Yss and a community around the concept.

The first three kingdoms we will cover will be the core ones that we have built up the most, The Kingdom of Esel, The Republic of Fyrdhathen, and the Mere March.

~ Mark Talmer & Phillip Starr

4 thoughts on “An Invitation…….

    1. Most certainly. Elves are quite widespread across Yss (Except in the Kingdom of Esel). The largest enclave is the Province of Ahmarha, a secluded and ancient alpine kingdom that is suspicious of outsiders. They wear colours that reflect the alpine region they inhabit, stoney and woody greys, earthy tones. I imagine furs would be common place due to the chill nature of the region. The forest is dense and unforgiving, as such they are fairly hardy and pragmatic for elves. So Wanderers and White Lions of Chrace would represent them well due to their propensity for hunting and forestry. There are also the swamp dwelling elves of the Mere March, they live in small community’s within the swamp and have a cordial relationship with the humans of the March. They have aided the locals during periods of conflict, either sheltering them or joining them in fighting the invaders. A coalition of Mere March soldiers and skilled elven bowmen delivered a killing blow to an Eselian invasion 300 years prior to the current time. I imagine their cloaks being swamp frond ghillie suit-esq, with cloth in shades of the swamp. Blue woad markings. Then there are the Elves of Aff Riocht, Nyth Mor, and the Scildan Peaks. They are very reclusive, using magic to shroud the entrances to their enclaves, sometimes as dense copses, random tumbles of rocks on the moors, or strange and impossibly unending winding paths in the mountains. They are probably closest to the traditional looking Wood Elves, though they would use a lot of Wardancers and Wild Riders. These are the three groups that would lend themselves most to a Wanderer force. There are other groups though that fit the other elven groupings across Yss, and a few unusual variations on them and the Sylvaneth to come. Hope that helps 🙂


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